Learning the ROPEs

For a long time, I’ve read portions of the Bible nearly every morning, typically following a program that leads me through all sixty-six books in a year. But I became frustrated with my inability to apply what I read each morning to my behavior throughout the day. Reorienting myself to the truth each day was valuable, but it seemed that the moment I entered the busyness of my life, God’s peace and strength with which I’d primed my day drained away. I felt that I was missing something that God wanted me to have.

Then a friend invited me to a Christian men’s group called Outback America. One of the things this group encourages is journaling as we read through the Bible. I started doing it, and keeping my journal with me, referring to it throughout the day. This has enabled me to remember what I read in the morning, and to apply it more consistently.

What I do is this. Before reading the Bible each morning, I pray that God would reveal to me what He wants to for that day, and then I use Outback’s R-O-P-E acronym to guide the entry in my journal. Here’s how the ROPE acronym is applied, as described by Outback.

Reveal: Write down the verse(s) that God revealed to you.

Observe: Ask God why He has stopped you at this point and write down what you observe the verses to be saying to you.

Prayer: Write out a prayer to God as a commitment to apply all He has shown you.

Exercise: As you abide with God throughout the day He will show and help you to apply the fresh counsel He gave to you for that day.

Any writer can tell you that the process of writing involves more than just recording thought. Something about it is illuminating. There are many ways to explore the truths of Scripture and own them, but this method has helped me. I’ll share examples from my daily journal in the pages that follow in hopes that you’ll be helped too.

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