Always and more and more

As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more. —  Psalm 71:14

My hope will prevail over all sorrow, all loss, all depression, all setbacks and failures. My hope will prevail because it is God in whom I hope. There is no reason to lose hope when God is steadfast and faithful, and He will always be with me and will never fail me nor forsake me. For this reason, and because He is Creator, Sustainer, Provider, and Healer, I will praise Him increasingly and more frequently—more and more.

Almighty God, I praise You for who You are and all You’ve done—in Your holiness, omniscience, omnipresence, power, might, and glory. You are far above all, beyond understanding and fathoming, and yet You are the God who makes Himself known, who provides, who heals, who visits us in compassion and grace, who is ever-present and abides within us, prompting and moving and blessing us. You are the becoming One, who was and is and is to be, who becomes all we need when any need arises. Great and holy and loving are You, God. It is in You that I place my hope. Therefore I have nothing to fear.

Have hope in God. Always and forever He is for you. So praise Him more and more, giving Him glory for everything good, all of which comes from His loving hand.


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