How Faint the Whisper

“And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him! Who then can understand the thunder of His power?”—Job 26:14

Claiming to completely understand God is a lie. He has revealed what we need to know of Him through His word and has demonstrated Himself and how we are to live through the earthly ministry of Christ—a life of obedience and truth, love, mercy, sacrifice, and healing and deliverance. But we see through a glass darkly and only in heaven in the presence of God will we see Him fully and truly. We and our vision are warped by the filter of our sinful nature in this life, so that He is not fully or clearly perceived. He has shown us what we need, but we must never think we have captured Him, owning Him and keeping Him. He is holy. We are unable to comprehend the vastness even of the works He has performed; how much less can we comprehend the vastness of the Creator Himself. We see dimly and hear faintly only small parts of all He is and has done, and His power surpasses our understanding.

Great are You, Father, and holy, awesome in power and love. Let me not quench Your power within me, but may I be open to Your Spirit’s work so You can fully pour Him within me, and through me, without my sinful nature limiting You from what You desire to do. And reveal Yourself to me more and more each day, drawing me nearer to You so I can always know You more truly and more deeply each day than the day before. Although I pray for more contentment and peace daily by Your grace, I pray also for a spirit that yearns for more and more and more of You, expanding my comprehension of greater depths of You. Express Yourself in and through me, Father. Give me a willing and eager spirit, and enable me to be a conduit of Your love through which Your voice is heard and Your power thunders.

He wants you to know Him better: Seek Him. He wants you to be a conduit of His power: Look for opportunities to be such, and be sensitive to His prompting and to the words He wants you to speak and the actions He wants you to take. And obey Him.

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