Listen to Him!

Reading: Then a cloud appeared and covered them, and a voice came from the cloud: “This is My Son, whom I love. Listen to Him!” —  Mark 9:7

Observations: At the transfiguration, the Father claims Jesus as His Son, asserts His love for Him, and commands us to listen to Jesus over any leader or prophet. Throughout history, speakers of all kinds, with carefully affected language and tone, have attempted to drown out the words of Jesus. But Jesus is above all. He is preeminent and supreme, the only begotten of the Father. Heaven belongs to Him, and the keys to death and Hades. Only He can overcome our sins, our lawlessness, our disobedience. It is Jesus the Son of God who makes all things new, even the law and the prophets; He who fulfills all that was spoken before Him concerning God; He who heals and completes all the incomplete; He who is the risen one, who through His resurrection has proven His deity and the truth of His works and message. There is no one who approaches His place, no one who can be compared to Him, much less be His equal. I must listen to Him!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, forgive me for submitting to the words of others above Yours. You breathe out the words of life, Lord, and You lived out goodness and grace, compassion and love, power and authority. Teach me to know You as You truly are, untainted in my thinking by my flesh-bound preconceptions or longings. Open my ears so I can hear Your words above the din of all other words that ever reach me, and open my heart so Your words sink deeply within, extending roots firmly and growing so they bloom into truth from You through me.

Exercise: The words of Jesus are precious and true, because He is God’s only Son. Let no one else’s words eclipse His, and focus on His so they become your own.


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