Meditation for the New Year, 2016

2016 at the foundation

Reveal: So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.”—Zechariah 4:6.

Observations: Upon the return of exiles from Babylon to Jerusalem, the prophet Zechariah receives a vision concerning the rebuilding of the temple, which would be led by the Judean prince Zerubbabel. Through the prophet, the angel encourages Zerubbabel to do this great work of rebuilding, and to depend on God in accomplishing it. As the prince depends upon the LORD by His Spirit, He promises to make the mighty mountain of this seemingly impossible task into level ground —and to do it “before Zerubbabel.” God will make the monumental task complete by His Spirit, and Zerubbabel himself will place the capstone—the final piece of a construction project—on the pinnacle of the project to shouts of joy . God says that Zerubbabel has laid the foundation, and he will complete the work, he and no one else . Reliance on the Spirit of God is the key to success. The “day of small things” must not be despised, the day when tasks that seem inconsequential God will make a part of something colossal and lasting: God’s eyes range throughout the earth and those eyes, that see all things fully and truly, will rejoice when the project is done . (Imagine: Joy in the eyes of God because of your work!) The more daunting the project, the scarcer the resources, the weaker the workers or more frail the alliances or cooperation, the greater the glory God will receive upon completion by His Spirit, and the greater the blessing we will receive in participating in a work that is only possible through Him.

Prayer: Father, You are above and over all things. You have foreseen them and know their outcomes since before the inception of time and creation. Your redemptive nature can redeem my failures for Your glory, and as I rely on You, You can bring glory to Yourself and blessing to me by accomplishing the impossible. What is impossible with man, by our power and might and earthly wisdom and insight, is possible with You by Your Spirit . Teach me to more fully rely on Your Spirit, Father. Enable me to lean into You when capabilities, resources, and outcomes make the work you put before me seem hopeless. You are my hope, my very present help at all times—times of plenty and of need . You are the LORD Almighty. All things are possible by Your Spirit.

Exercise: Do all that God calls you to, with all diligence and perseverance and a favorable disposition, but most importantly, lean into the Lord: His Spirit will bring you success in lasting things as you rely on Him and call on Him. And when the inevitable, transitory failures and setbacks and oppositions come, look for how He can use them for His glory and your blessing to conform you to the likeness of Christ.

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