The Enduring Nation

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” —  Hebrews 12:28-29

History proves that the corruption of mankind rises to the surface of earthly nations like fat on cooling stew, to cover with error all once savory and good. But the nation God has prepared for us can never be shaken. It is the nation of heaven. It is the nation of the firstborn, those Jesus brings with Him whose names He has indelibly written in His book of life there. It is the kingdom of God, the only objective and omniscient Judge, of Jesus the mediator of our contract with Him, where thousands upon thousands of angels worship Him in joy. This is the everlasting nation, not corruptible by the surfacing, arrogant fiction of unassailability in our own power. The everlasting nation is the kingdom of God, and we in Christ are its citizens now. So it is right that we join the angels today in worshiping God in spirit and truth, in awe and reverence, because He is the Great King over all the universe, the Majestic One over all things great and small, the Glorious Jesus Christ whose once-for-all sacrifice cast our sins away forever, and whose resurrection paved the way for ours and proved His message and Deity. He is “a consuming fire,” and this quoted passage warns us concerning idolatry, and urges steadfastness and faithfulness. We must get rid of the idols we make of earthly things, and be steadfast and faithful to the only true God, because He deserves all glory and honor—He alone.

Father, I worship You for all You are and all You’ve done, for Your great love, compassion, and mercy. I worship You for Your holy perfection, for Your unrivaled power and might and majesty above and beyond all things. Consume me, my King, in the fire of Your loving presence now and forever. Burn away in Your fire of love all my sins and all the false gods I create. Thank You for welcoming us into the presence of the only Almighty God and King, into Your throne room—us ragged beggars, us poor and blind and lame, when through Your grace You drape over us the righteousness of Jesus our Lord.

Christian, you are now a citizen of the everlasting Kingdom of the Most High God, of our Savior Jesus Christ. Join the myriad angels and millions of your brothers and sisters in worshiping Him in reverence and awe. Lay down all idols: This earthly kingdom and all its trappings will not last, but the heavenly kingdom will endure in triumph forever.


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