The Time Has Come

The time has come,” He said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”—Mk. 1:15

The first words preached publicly by Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Mark occur after His baptism by John, His temptation in the wilderness, and John’s imprisonment. In Galilee, He preaches that now is the time for repentance and belief, and that the kingdom of God is close, near to them. His message is urgent and immediate. He says we must not put off or ignore His words. The time is now. A decision is needed, an action required. He ties repentance and belief together, ties action and will together. The outward and inward are linked, and one cannot exist or occur without the other. Repent: Turn away from error and sin, from backward thinking, and reverse your course. Believe: Make a decision concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ, a decision to receive His good news and accept its truth. The kingdom of God is close to you. It storms in, revealing truth and lies, and imposing its light into the darkness to show all people truth, and to force a decision, for good or ill.

Lord Jesus, thank You for bringing the kingdom to us, the glorious kingdom of God, and for being its King. You are the good news, You are the gospel, the living One who overcomes all evil, all sickness, all lies, and all the powers and principalities who dare to stand against You. You bring the kingdom forcefully, imposing Yourself upon generations to command a decision concerning You and Your truth. And Your majesty and authority on earth and in heaven are demonstrated by Your great works and Your words of life and Your compassion and love and most completely by Your resurrection from the dead. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for bringing us Your good news.

Believe the good news of Jesus—His incarnation, ministry, death as sacrifice for you and resurrection to overcome and defeat death forever. And live a life in keeping with repentance. The time is now. The kingdom is near.

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