True Love

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me. – Ps. 13:5-6 (NIV)

Observations: His love is unfailing. It never gives up, relents, is depleted or exhausted. It perseveres throughout eternity, and in spite of rejection and betrayal. It is everlasting and unchanging, true beyond all human truth, pure beyond purity man can understand; it is devoted and without taint or reservation.

His love is unlimited, and not because He is a repository of love originating elsewhere, but because He is love. He is the source and beginning and alpha of all love. Without Him, there could be no love.

And His love is active and alive, prompting Him to commit acts of absolute devotion and grace and mercy that are incomprehensible to us as the objects of this love. This love—His true love—is not restricted to a single expression or act. His love is unlimited and inexhaustible, because He Himself is unlimited and inexhaustible.

He created us to receive His true love, to know Him through this love, to understand Him by experiencing this love.

I might wonder why He is good to us. He is good to us because of His unfailing love, because he is love, because He loves us completely, truly, deeply, lavishly, and eternally.

Observe how He has displayed His love for us: The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, submitting to our violence against Him so that we could be saved from ourselves to receive His incomprehensible love, forever.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we love because You first loved us, and gave Yourself for us so we can experience Your presence and love and forgiveness and mercy and grace forever. How great is Your love!

You endured our hatred so we could know Your love.

You endured our rebellion and rejection so You could lavish Your devotion and acceptance upon us.

We made ourselves Your enemies but You endured our railing against You so we could be Your friends.

We did nothing to merit Your great love. We deserve Your wrath, but You offer us Your love instead. Unfathomable is Your love, incomprehensible in light of our falsehood and warped thinking, our perversion of so many of the good things You’ve given to us.

In spite of all this, still You persist, loving beyond our failures and weaknesses, our misunderstandings and distortions and outright disbelief. Still, You love us. Still, You pursue us. Still, You desire what is best for us.

There can be only one reason: You are love.

Exercise/Action: God loves you with a love greater than any you could ever imagine. He loved you before you were conceived, He loves you right now, and He will love you forever. Respond to His love with devotion and obedience, by loving Him above all, and by loving others as yourself—all others. Jesus is your model for love. Do not hold back.

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