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My most recent novel, Once Removed, is the third of a series featuring Paul Garza, who exerted himself as I was writing In the Company of Thieves. I liked him so much he became a prominent character in that story and I made him the main character of Succession and Once Removed. In Once Removed, Garza joins with friends from childhood to unravel a mystery concerning fellow veteran Donny Lind, who’s been accused of kidnapping and extortion. As the truth begins to be revealed, it becomes clear that the plot concerning Donny’s crimes has roots going back to the childhood friendships all of them shared. To read a free excerpt of Once Removed, click here.

In my fifth novel, Succession, Garza wants to integrate into peaceful society after what happened to him In the Company of Thieves, but the son of a man he arrested is assembling a team of killers to come for revenge. A mystery surrounding the family of Garza’s lover, DEA agent Abbie Sanders, distracts him from the danger at hand, and as the killers close in, the Sanders mystery unfolds to reveal a succession plan so poorly crafted that instead of producing continuity, it produces destruction. You can read a free excerpt of Succession here.

My fourth novel, In the Company of Thieves, involves an executive who endangers his own life and the lives of his family when he blows the whistle on suspected money-laundering. An excerpt is available for free, here.

My third novel, Cargo, takes us to the Andes, where a young mountaineer and her father are forced into an expedition to recover loot from a downed plane. The treasures they find at altitude are not what they expected. To read a free excerpt, click here.

My second novel, Occupation, is about a modern-day Robin Hood named Theo Hillman who gets in over his head when a partner in crime commits murder, and Theo is implicated as an accessory. You can read an excerpt here.

My debut novel, Cash Burn, was published by Tyndale House in 2011. The story is about what can go wrong when an executive with access to millions of dollars of other people’s money takes a fall from the corporate ladder and becomes a disgruntled employee looking to make a score. An excerpt is available here.

When my son was a boy, I began a series of books for him about a magical kingdom where children have adventures that impact their lives back on Earth. My son grew up much faster than the books did, but I’ve recently completed the four-book series called Book and Key, and it’s available now under the pen name Curtis Walker. You can read about them here, where you can click through to find sample chapters, or you can go directly to my Curtis Walker site on Amazon for more information on those titles.

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