Mountaineer Dyana Mackie is trekking in the Andes with her father, Will, when they come across a dying climber. The man gives them a GPS device showing the location of money cached at high altitude after a plane crash. Will wants to climb after it, but Dyana doesn’t like their odds with winter coming on.

Soon they’re confronted by a man locals call the Merchant of Souls, who claims the money is his. When the Merchant proves that his reach stretches all the way to their loved ones in the U.S., the climbers agree to retrieve the money for him.

Braving conditions and terrain too hazardous for any search plane, Dyana and her father climb for days into the heights of the Andes, following the GPS to the Merchant’s crashed plane. There they find survivors: children intended for the modern slave trade. Getting the money down the mountain then becomes the least of their problems.

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