Book and Key Series by Curtis Walker

“The key is a crossroad,
the book is a door,
His wonders to behold.
Your destiny, Franklin,
is something more
Than tricks and games and gold…”

So begins the book given to a boy named Franklin Higgenbotham Fields. When reading aloud the poem while a key carved from stone hangs as a pendant over his heart, Frankie travels to a different world—a place called Uwd.

“It sounds like something an owl would say. Ood. Ood,” another boy says. But the birds and animals Frankie finds in that world say much more than they say here on Earth. They lead him to Adon, the good King of Uwd, who shows Frankie a deep magic that helps him do more than he ever thought he could.

When Frankie grows up, he introduces his nephew and niece to Uwd in the same way he learned of it: with a book and key from King Adon for each of them. King Adon has special roles for them in the battles for the kingdom of Uwd, and how their adventures impact their lives on Earth, they never would have guessed.

Book and Key is available as the complete four-volume set, or you can buy any of the four individual volumes, here.