New Beginning (Volume 4)

The enemies of good King Adon of Uwd have regathered in greater strength for a final battle for the kingdom. The rebellion is led by Tumah, who calls herself a queen, and Zanah, whose dark magic enables him to change into forms as diverse as a dragon and a panther.

With the armies of Zanah and Tumah coming against the King’s followers, the heroes from Earth—Uncle Frank, Thomas, and Gracie—return to defend the true King’s followers and, they hope, rescue some in rebellion against him.

The battle that ensues pits the enemy’s forces against a ragtag group that’s led by a boy inexperienced in war and a girl whose only weapon is song. They appear vastly outnumbered, but know that King Adon is with them, and that a victory in Uwd will accomplish something back on Earth more wonderful than any of them could imagine.

This final volume of the Book and Key series is available individually here.