The King’s Verses (Volume 1)

Fifth grader Franklin Higgenbotham Fields is a prankster. But sometimes he goes too far.

Frankie receives a magical book as a gift, with a key that hangs as a pendant over his heart, and he’s transported to a different world—the kingdom of Uwd. It’s pronounced “ood,” like something an owl would say, and it’s ruled by a good king named Adon whose deep magic helps Frankie overcome far more than his impulse for pranks.

King Adon has a special role for Frankie in the battles for the kingdom of Uwd. Frankie’s adventures there, with moose and bears that can be ridden, wolves who spy for the King, and playful birds, impact his life on Earth in ways he never would have guessed.

The King’s Verses, volume 1 in the Book and Key series, is available here.