Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: 0991228642
ISBN: 9780991228652

Dyana Mackie's trip with her father is supposed to be tame compared to her usual excursions. But everything changes when they come across a dying climber who gives them a map showing where he cached money in the heights of the Andes. In the expedition that follows, Dyana and her father find treasures far more valuable than they imagined.

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About the Book

A world-renowned mountaineer at the age of twenty-five, Dyana Mackie is on a trekking expedition in the Andes with her father, hoping to repair their broken relationship, when a dying climber stumbles into their camp. Before he dies, the climber passes a GPS device to them. On the GPS are coordinates of a site in the heights of the mountains, where the climber had to stash money after his plane crashed and he became too injured to carry the money further.

Dyana and her father are divided on what to do next, but they aren’t the only ones looking for that cache of money. A powerful local criminal, the Mercader de Almas, makes their decision for them when he finds a way to force them into the expedition to recover the money for him.

With winter approaching, the excursion is marked by bad weather, avalanches, and conflict in the climbing team, which includes a climber the Mercader insists accompany them. Low on food and suffering from injuries and altitude sickness, the team arrives at the site identified on the GPS, and what they find is shocking.

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