ASIN: 099122860X
ISBN: 9780991228614

Some lines aren’t meant to be crossed.
For a computer hacker named Theo Hillman, this whole occupy business is a little too abstract. When he sees injustice, it’s personal. But when he partners up with Earl Sapp, hacking isn’t enough, and soon they cross a line Theo never intended to. An LAPD detective is determined to know how Theo is involved, and Earl wants to turn one job into a crime spree, and after Theo falls in love with a domestic worker brought to the US illegally by their next target, he needs to find a way out of this new occupation, and fast.

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About the Book

Theo and Ysabel have fallen in love, but they have issues.

Theo is a computer hacker who just wanted to do one good thing: take ill-gotten gains from a human trafficker and funnel them to the needy. But his Robin Hood crusade is sidetracked by his partner, Earl Sapp, who commits a far more sinister crime during the theft. An LAPD detective has suspicions that Theo was involved, and that gives Earl the idea of forcing Theo into a hacking crime spree that Theo never intended.

Ysabel is a domestic worker brought to the U.S. against her will, and her employers are next on Earl’s target list. When Theo and Ysabel fall in love, everything seems to be against them. Theo needs to extract himself from Earl’s control and free Ysabel from her enslavement, while clearing himself with the LAPD.

He needs to find a new occupation.

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